The Drummer

Real Name: Unknown (claims it is "The Drummer")

Identity/Class: Unknown

Occupation: Archaeologist of the Unknown, agent of Planetary

Affiliations: Planetary

Enemies: The Four

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Active worldwide

First Appearance: Planetary #1

Powers/Abilities: The Drummer's power is probably best described as the ability to control and interpret information in all its forms. This is evidenced in the comic when the field team attends the funeral of a Planetary ally, in which the Drummer is able to sense ambient magic on the ally's death scene (he explains that magic is essentially the cheat codes of the world, and that makes it information, which puts it in his ballcourt). He normally uses it to communicate with and control machines, as well as picking up things like radio signals. He has also shown the ability to be a natural anti-surveillance device.

The Drummer's drumsticks also have a purpose. Apparently if an information signal is weak the Drummer can use several techniques to help settle or jostle information, thus making it easier for him to interpret. On one occasion he has Jakita stomp on the ground to help him sense information, his drumsticks seem to be a less extreme way for him to do this.

History: Little is currently known about the Drummer's background. Recruited into Planetary at a young age, the Drummer generally works as the team's communications and information gatherer. He isn't suited to combat, leaving that to his fellow operatives. Perhaps due to the constant bombardment of information he receives, he tends to be a little ...weird.

Comments: Created by Warren Ellis.

Thanks to Cadmus for clarifying the Drummer's powers.


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