Doctor Ratty Rat

Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Unrevealed - perhaps human mutate or mutant

Occupation: Criminal mastermind, burglar

Affiliations: None

Enemies: BIFFF (British Institute For Foiling Felonies), Cor and Eagle readers, Major-General Flushem-Out

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: King of Crime

Base of Operations: London's sewers

First Appearance: (mentioned) Cor!! (IPC, 15th July 1972); (shadow seen) Cor!! (22nd July 1972); (fully seen) Cor!! (29th July 1972)

Powers/Abilities: Has superhuman hearing and sense of smell. Uses small suctions cups on hands and feet to climb sheer walls. Extremely agile. His vocal raspberrys are so strong they can blow the lids off locked cages designed to hold human prisoners.

History: Dr. Ratty Rat was a skilled burglar and self-appointed "King of Crime" who decided to consolidate his reputation by warning the authorities in advance of the crimes he intended to commit, openly challenging them to try and stop him. After a couple of dismal failures the authorities realised Dr. Rat was running rings round them and turned to the readers of the Cor!! comic to ask for their help in devising traps, offering said readers £1 for each trap used, with £1000 bonus for any that actually succeeded in capturing Dr. Rat. No one ever claimed the second prize, and Dr. Rat would respond to each failed attempt by blowing a raspberry at his would-be jailors.

Comments: Created by Scott Goodall. Dr. Rat starred in Rat-Trap, and each weeke evaded plans sent in by readers to trap him. He enjoyed an uninterrupted run in Cor!! from 29th July 1972 until the final issue on 15th June 1974, or 99 installments in total. He was briefly revived in the second volume of Eagle, starting with Eagle #396, dated 21st July 1989; apparently at least some of these were new adventures; his return lasted for 27 episodes, ending with Eagle #422.

Dr. Rat turned up in Albion as one of the prisoners held by the government; presumably the Spider captured him, as he had most of the other inmates.

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