The Doctor

Real Name: Jeroen Thorndike

Identity/Class: Normal human able to manipulate magical forces at an instinctive level

Occupation: Superhero

formerly Software billionaire

Affiliations: the Authority; the previous Doctors

Enemies: Sliding Albion, Kaizen Gamorra

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The Carrier

First Appearance: The Authority

Powers/Abilities: The Doctor can do virtually anything if he puts his mind to it. He is capable of transforming living matter and teleporting people at a thought. On one occasion he even held Italy stationery while the rest of the Earth continued to move, causing it to vanish under the Mediterranean.

The latest Doctor is actually a great deal more powerful than Doctors past; he describes himself as the first Doctor and the last Doctor (apparently he has all the memories of Doctors past in addition to his own). No reason seems to have been given why he is so much more powerful than his predecessors.

History: As explained by Jenny Sparks: "The man who would become the Doctor was a multimedia millionaire by the time he was twelve, a dot-com billionaire by twenty...and staring into space in a psychiatric home by his twenty-first birthday.

After eighteen months in the nut-house, he reckoned the only way he could hang onto his marbles was to give all the dosh away and build a nice, ordinary life for himself.

Everything was working out for the poor sod too until some blighter gave him superpowers."

The Earth has always had a shaman, a protector appointed to look after it by it. As each one passes, a new Doctor is chosen, linked to the spirits of his predecessors. The latest Doctor (described above in a quote by Jenny Sparks) was chosen, as with the others before him, precisely because he didn't want the power. He was sought out by Jenny Sparks, and reluctantly agreed to join the Authority.

Comments: Created by Warren Ellis

Thanks to Cadmus for additional information about this character, and to Suzi Hunton for his real name.

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