Doctor Sin

Real Name: From what I can tell, it is Doctor Sin

Identity/Class: Unknown - probably normal human

Occupation: Occult expert

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Demons

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: 2000A.D. Action Special (I.P.C.)

Powers/Abilities: Strong willed and determined, and with a good working knowledge of demons and exorcism, but otherwise he seems to be a normal human.

History: Doctor Sin is an expert on the occult, and is constantly keeping an eye out for the signs of Satan's incursions on our world.

Comments: Created by writer John Smith and artist John M. Burns (no relation to John Byrne, the Canadian writer/artist). Thanks to Jim Croasdale for identifying the latter.

It's unclear why an apparently original character such as Doctor Sin appeared in the 2000A.D. Action Special, which otherwise only featured new stories of pre-existing, and pretty iconic, characters. I think that this Doctor Sin was intended to be a revamped version of Doctor Sin, whose only other appearance prior to the Special was in 2000A.D. Annual 1979. Certainly, not only was the name identical, but his overall schtick matches pretty perfectly too - plus both stories state "Since his retirement Dr. Sin had made a study of the occult." Apart from "had" becoming "has" the comments are word for word identical. Why change his appearance so much? Purely as a speculation, it might be because the special also included Cursitor Doom, another foe of the supernatural who visually resembles the annual's Doctor Sin with his bald head and cloak.

For those who, like me, want to link things up "in universe," this could be either a younger version of the other Doctor Sin, or, given that the original has now been established in the Scream and Misty Special 2017 as having a grandson who has inherited the title and demon-hunting role, this Doctor Sin could be the son of the one from the annual, and uncle or father of the one who debuted in 2017.

Cursitor Doom in the Action Special

Doctor Sin in 2000A.D. Annual 1979.

Yeah, I'd be hard pressed to tell these guys apart in a line-up.

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