Doctor Nemesis

Real Name: Mason Grimshaw

First Appearance: Conundrum (Doctor Who New Adventure #22, Virgin Books January 1994)

Identity/Class: Fictional construct, taking form of human technology user

Occupation: former Supervillain

Affiliations: Unnamed gang members

Enemies: White Knight, Sparky

Known Relatives: Unnamed wife

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Arndale, Land of Fiction

History: Doctor Nemesis was the arch enemy of White Knight. An armoured supervillain, he battled the hero in New York, and nearly defeated him but for the intervention of Sparky, the Knight's teenage sidekick. He was captured and imprisoned, but some years later he was released. Discovering the hero's true identity, Nemesis and his thugs captured him by coming for him while he slept. Sparky was alerted to where the villain was holding her partner by a ransom note, but it led her into an ambush, and she was killed. The Knight escaped and recaptured Nemesis, but the villain had won; shortly afterwards the hero retired and gave up his powers.

Thirty years later the aged hero was living back in his home town of Arandale in his civilian identity of Norman Powers. He had just made friends with Bernice "Benny" Summerfield, a travelling companion of the mysterious Doctor, and had shown her his hidden underground base to prove to her that he truly had been a superhero, when Doctor Nemesis returned. The villain burned his way through the wall, demolished the place, and Norman and Bernice barely escaped with their lives.

It transpired that Doctor Nemesis was now a drunken and abusive husband, Mason Grimshaw, who also lived in Arandale. Also retired, he killed a child while driving drunk, and had been subsequently blackmailed by another of the townsfolk - but the stress of the situation drove Grimshaw over the edge, causing him to re-adopt the persona of Doctor Nemesis and set off after his old enemy Norman Power. Nemesis attacked Benny and her friends looking for his foe. Norman attacked Nemesis, trying to save his friends, but Nemesis nearly beat him to death - until another person present fired a bolt of energy which blasted Nemesis into a cloud of greasy ash.

The truth behind all this weirdness was that the Doctor and his friends were in the Land of Fiction, a bizarre reality where one person, the Master of the Land, could alter reality and give fictional creations a semblance of life. Doctor Nemesis and the White Knight were two of those fictional beings.

Powers/Abilities: His armour makes him nearly invulnerable and superhumanly strong.

Comments: Created by Steve Lyons.

Doctor Nemesis proved to be a fictional character - but then aren't they all?

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