Doc Horror

Real Name: Nicodemus Horror

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional being from a parallel world

Occupation: Scientist/inventor, ex-mob enforcer

Affiliations: Nocturnals (de facto leader). Lupo Zampa

Enemies: Narn K enterprises; Crim (extradimensional invaders that conquered his homeworld); Detective Willeford of the local police department

Known Relatives: Evening (daughter, a.k.a. Halloween Girl)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The Tomb, his lab/base on an Island off the coast of Peril City

First Appearance: Nocturnals: Black Planet

Powers/Abilities:Doc Horror is slightly stronger and tougher than a human being but his inventions are his most prominent asset. He created dimensional portal to escape his old world - it appears that he is the only one to know how to use it properly. On Earth he modified the portal so he can teleport his people within the same world. He created Gunwitch as an undead bodyguard. He also created bullets that send interdimensional creatures back to where they came from.

Doc Horror has to take daily injections of a medicine for "a pretty nasty virus" that he contracted on one of his explorations (with hints to some form of lycanthropy). He may also have a slight vulnerability to daylight as a part of his nature as a nocturnal creature. He is also a good shot with two automatics at the same time.

History: Doc Horror was a scientist-of-a-kind in his own home dimension (which he refers to as "The Black Planet"). When the alien Crim took over his world, he created a dimensional portal which he used to send his daughter and himself to Earth. Father and daughter were separated during the transfer between worlds and Doc spent couple of years trying to find his child, during which time he worked as a night-time enforcer and physician for the relatively decent mafia don Lupo Zampa. He helped Zampa to clean out the competition, and in return Lupo found Evening and brought her to him.

Doc Horror retired as an enforcer but kept cordial relations with Don Lupo; helping him with his medicinal injections. He also began to help human-animal hybrids to escape from Narn K Enterprises Monster Shop. Then the Crim tried to invade Earth as well...

Comments: Created by Daniel Brereton.

Thanks to Joshua Geren and Vesa Lehtinen for sending in some background details on this character.

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