Real Name: Disastro

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial (Xenon)

Occupation: Destroyer

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Johnny Future, the RAF, the British Army

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: formerly Xenon, later Earth

First Appearance: Fantastic Annual 1969 (Johnny Future strip)

Powers/Abilities: Disastro was literally a walking disaster area - where he stepped he was followed by tidal waves, earthquakes, plane crashes, and train wrecks.

History: In the long distant past on the planet Xenon the scientists and engineers figured out a way to rid their planet of disaster and misfortune. They constructed two incredible machines; the first has the power to suck the seeds of disaster from every corner of Xenon. "Like an evil cloud it entered the great dome and there, before the eyes of our scientists, the concentrated atmosphere assumed a physical form." Disastro had been born.

But the people of Xenon were ready for him. They coated him in an unbreakable crystal and took him to the second machine, a repellor which sent him hurtling into space. Eventually his crystal prison reached Earth and landed off the British coast. And there he stayed, under the North Sea bed, until an explosive used by oil-men dislodged him and cracked his jail.

As soon as he was released Disastro started to live up to his name. The army and the RAF could not slow him, and as the monster walked gradually southwards, Johnny Future decided to lend a hand. Realising he could not face this opponent in combat, he instead investigated his origins, figuring out where the creature came from. Future sent his astral form to Xenon, where he was informed of Disastro's creation. He convinced the inhabitants of the alien world to reverse the repellor and draw Disastro back to his homeworld, where they dispersed him across the world once more, ending his threat.

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