Publisher: D.C. Thomson

Format: Weekly strip anthology

First Issue: Diana #1 (2nd March 1963)

Last Issue: Diana #720 (4th December 1976)

Absorbed: Romeo

Absorbed into: Jackie

Strips: The Avengers (Steed and Peel version), The Girls from NOODLES, Mary Brown's Schooldays, Paula with the White Mask, The Black Nightingale, The Woman in White, Up-to-date Kate, Who Am I?, Lorna at Court, The Lonely Nightingale, Jenny's Country Cure, My Big Brother Marmaduke, Serena of the Silver Blades, Gobble Gobble Gertie, Search for the Snow White Stallions, Penelope, The Magic Mirror, The Swish Family Robinson, Jimmy Boy, Rosie Red Riding Hood, Our Gang, Poor Little Fella, Diana's Daydream, Hayley in the House of Fear, Kit and the Cats, Ballet with Captain Thunder, To Be a Beauty Queen, Starr of Wonderland, The Haunting of Helen, Wild Girl of the Amazon, Sadie Macbeth, Mandy the Thirteenth, Otter Girl, The Laughing Cats


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