Desperate Dan

Real Name: Dan ?

Identity/Class: Unknown - possibly mutant as others in his family have the same abilities.

Occupation: Unknown

Affiliations: Dawg (his pet dog)

Enemies: The Beanotown Gang (more rivals than enemies), Dangerous Dan McGrew, Cactusman

Known Relatives: Danny (nephew); Katey (niece), Aggie (aunt), Grandma (grandmother), Grandpa (grandfather)

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: U.S.A.

First Appearance: Dandy (D.C.Thomson, 1937)

Powers/Abilities: Dan is extremely strong (he is able to lift at least two tons), and has demonstrated a level of invulnerability - he doesn't flinch when a large brick chimney is dropped on him. On at least one occasion he sucks in a load of gas and then lights it as he breathes out, allowing him to blow out a prolonged jet of flame for long enough to bake a house sized loaf of bread.

History: Dan (and his family :we have occasionally seen his nephew Danny and niece Katey, who are similarly superhuman) is a rustic type endowed with superhuman strength and invulnerability.

Comments: Thanks to Alistair Goodman for providing details about relatives and enemies.

A homage to Dan appeared in the Zenith strip in 2000 A.D., when a Russian version calling himself Big Ben turned up.

Greg Ash informs me that "Dan has also been parodied in Viz. The strip was called "Desperately Unfunny Dan". In it, Dan did exactly the same sort of things he did every week in The Dandy. However, people were just fed up with him doing the same things all the time and Dan is frustrated because he isn't funny anymore. For example, Dan decides to bend all the street-lights to which a passer-by says "Christ Dan, not again. That's the third time this week". All ends well, when Dan manages to make all the customers in a Cafe laugh. This only happens though, because he has been tricked into eating not a Cow Pie, but a Cow-PAT pie."


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