Darkwing Duck

Real Name: Drake Mallard

Identity/Class: Normal duck (normal for Disney anyway)

Occupation: TV star

Affiliations: Launchpad McQuack (sidekick); Gosalyn Mallard; Honker Muddlefoot; S.H.U.S.H., Morgana (girlfriend, former evil sorceress)

Enemies: Quackerjack, Reginald Bushroot, the Liquidator, Megavolt, Negaduck, Steelbeak, Moliarity, Tuskernini, Ammonia Pine, Ample Grime, Splatterphoenix, Steerminator (Taurus Bulba), F.O.W.L. (the Fiendish Organization for World Larceny)

Known Relatives: Gosalyn (adopted daughter)

Aliases: The Terror that Flaps in the Night

Base of Operations: (in Civilian ID) Average suburban neighborhood; (as Darkwing) secret headquarters on top of the Audubon Bay Bridge, St. Canard

First Appearance: "Darkly Dawns the Duck", Episode #1 of the Darkwing Duck cartoon (part of the Disney Afternoon on ABC, starting from April 6th,1991)

Powers/Abilities: Darkwing has no superpowers, but instead relies on a variety of high-tech gadgets, many of them built by Launchpad. His main weapon is a gas gun, capable of firing a variety of canisters and attachments - among the most common use is to propel his grappling hook. For transportation he has a plane called the Thunderquack, and a motorbike called the Ratcatcher. His base is outfitted with supercomputers which analyse crime patterns in the city and keep him alerted to when and where he is needed.

History: "I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the winged scourge that pecks at your nightmares. I am... Darkwing Duck!"

Darkwing Duck has given three different origin stories. The first, given in "The Secret Origins Of Darkwing Duck", is probably untrue, as it is told (apparently) by his ghost to two kids in the future - in this version he is the last survivor of a doomed planet, sent to Earth in a rocket ship by his father just before the planet exploded. This seems pretty unlikely.

The second origin, "Paraducks", showed that the young Drake Mallard saw his own future self who had travelled back in time. So impressed was he by this superhero (whom he didn't recognise), that he was inspired to one day don a costume himself and fight crime. "Clash Reunion", the third origin episode, showed that when Drake was a teenager, Megavolt took St.Canard school hostage, causing Drake to adopt a costumed identity and save the day - this doesn't necessarily clash with origin number two, so both of these latter stories could be true.

Whatever the truth, Darkwing Duck was a small time hero in St.Canard for several years, before a chance encounter while he was trailing Taurus Bulba, agent of FOWL, gained him a sidekick, Launchpad McQuack. He later adopted Gosalyn, grand-daughter of the late Professor Waddlermeyer, to protect her from Bulba.

Since then his life has continued to be one adventure after another, with him gaining a gallery of increasingly bizarre foes.

Although he has no superpowers of his own, Darkwing has a lot of high tech equipment to help him fight crime. Launchpad built him an airplane called the Thunderquack. He also has his motorcycle which he calls the Ratcatcher. His gas gun is very versatile. He can put many various canisters and attachments in and on his gas gun, ranging from a grappling hook to a bazooka shell. Also, hidden in his secret hideout are these huge supercomputers, capable of detecting crime anywhere in the city.

Comments: Voiced by Jim Cummings. The show ran 90 episodes.

Among Darkwing's enemies are Negaduck, his evil counterpart from another dimension, and Reginald Bushroot, a duck / plant hybrid.


Real Name: Launchpad McQuack

Identity/Class: Normal duck

Occupation: Pilot and mechanic

Affiliations: Darkwing Duck; Gosalyn Mallard, Honker Muddlefoot; S.H.U.S.H.;  Doofus (Launchpad's own sidekick); The Junior Woodchucks (allies); Scrooge McDuck (former employer); Sen Sen (former girlfriend); Feathers Galore (former girlfriend)

Enemies: Same as Darkwing Duck

Known Relatives: Birdie (mother); Ripcord (father); Loopie (sister)

Aliases: The Darkwing Decoy (when Darkwing Duck disguises Launchpad as himself)

Base of Operations: (formerly) Duckberg; (now) Audobon Bay Bridge, St.Canard

First Appearance: Duck Tales

Powers/Abilities: Skilled mechanic and amazing pilot. It's just a shame about his inability to land properly. If he has any superpower, it is his ability to walk away unscathed from any plane crash. Launchpad is also quite strong.

History: Launchpad McQuack comes from a family of pilots, the Flying McQuacks, who made a living working airshows. As a teenager he struck out on his own, and for many years he was the pilot for billionaire Scrooge McDuck. Eventually tiring of working for the old skin-flint, Launchpad decided to strike out on his own. He moved from Duckberg to the neighbouring city of St.Canard, home of Launchpad's favourite superhero Darkwing Duck, where he inadvertently crashed his plane into the garage of said superhero. This bit of serendipity resulted in his becoming Darkwing's new sidekick. He now works for the hero as a mechanic, maintaining his crime-fighting equipment, particularly the vehicles.

Comments: In the comics Launchpad has his own sidekick, Doofus. Launchpad also enjoyed a brief career as a spy.

Launchpad is voiced by Terence McGovern


Real Name: Gosalyn Mallard

Identity/Class: Normal duck child

Occupation: School kid, wanna-be superhero

Affiliations: Darkwing Duck, Launchpad McQuack, Honker Mallard (best friend, and sidekick - The Arrow Kid)

Enemies: same as Darkwing Duck

Known Relatives: Drake Mallard (adopted father); Professor Waddlermeyer (grandfather, deceased)

Aliases: Quiverwing Quack, Crimson Quackette

Base of Operations: Audobon Bay Bridge, St.Canard

First Appearance: Darkly Dawns the Duck

Powers/Abilities: Gosalyn has a natural aptitude with bows and arrows, hence her brief flirtation as a costumed heroine, Quiverwing Quack. Like her grand-father, she seems to have a talent for invention, often creating bizarre weapons out of household objects.

History: The orphaned grand-daughter of the late Professor Waddlermeyer, Gosalyn was a ward of the court. She became a target for Taurus Bulba, criminal mastermind and agent of FOWL, when he realised she was the only person alive who knew the arming code for the Professor's devastating weapon, The Waddlemeyer Ramrod. He kidnapped her, but Darkwing Duck rescued the child from Taurus' clutches. In order to protect her from the evil villain, Drake Mallard then adopted the nine year old girl. She loves her adoptive father dearly, and tries to help him on his crimefighting missions, much to his despair. The fact that she actually saves him from time to time doesn't help...

She did try out a superhero identity of her own, that of the Crimson Quakette, but then a chance purchase of a child's bow and arrow toy turned up an unexpected skill, as Gosalyn displayed a natural talent for the weapon. So she (very briefly) adopted a new costumed identity, that of Quiverwing Quack, with her best friend Honker as her sidekick, The Arrow Kid. At Darkwing's behest she has given up this particular past-time, at least for the moment.

Comments: Like Darkwing, Gosalyn has a counterpart from the Nega universe. In her case the counterpart is an incredibly sweet and lovable young girl with a loving and pleasant nature - and not at all a tomboy like Gosalyn.

Voiced by Christine Cavanaugh


Real Name: Honker Muddlefoot

Identity/Class: Normal duck child

Occupation: School kid

Affiliations: Darkwing Duck, Gosalyn Mallard, Launchpad McQuack

Enemies: Same as Darkwing Duck's

Known Relatives: Herb (father); Binkie (mother); Tank (brother)

Aliases: The Arrow Kid

Base of Operations: Audobon Bay Bridge, St.Canard

First Appearance: Darkly Dawns the Duck

Powers/Abilities: Considering his age, Honker is a genius, with an extensive knowledge of physics, chemistry and other sciences.

History: Honker is one of the kids who lives next door to the Mallards. He is Gosalyn's best friend, and a nerd. As such he discovered Drake's secret identity, and now uses his scientific knowledge to help them defeat villains.

Comments: Voiced by Katie Leigh


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