Real Name: X5-452

Identity/Class: Artificially engineered, genetically altered human

Occupation: Bike courier for Jam Pony, thief

Affiliations: Logan Cale (a.k.a. Eyes Only), Original Cindy (Cynthia McEachin), Sketchy (Calvin Theodore), Joshua, Zack (a.k.a. X5-599), Brin (X5-734), Tinga (X5-656), Alec (X5-494), Asha Copeland, Isaac (Joshua's younger brother, deceased), the Street Sweeper (Phil), unidentified man-child vigilante (aided and protected Max from Manticore's new stealth hoverdrone gunship), Wendy White (Ray's mother, deceased) Mule (a transhuman, deceased), Dac (a transhuman, deceased), Father Destry, Jude Thatcher (gene-therapy subject), Bugler (an X8-621)

Enemies: Colonel Donald Michael Lydecker, Ames White, Manticore Director Elizabeth Renfro (a.k.a. Madame X)

Known Relatives: Zack (half-brother), Brin (half-sister, deceased), Tinga (half-sister, deceased), Alec (half-brother), Ben (X5-493, half-brother, deceased), Case Smith (nephew), Charlie Smith (brother-in-law), Jace (sister), Max (unborn nephew or niece), Sam (X5-453, twin/cloned sister), Ray White (nephew), C.J. & Ames White (half-brothers), Sandeman (genetic father; his donated DNA was used to create the X5's)

Aliases: Max Guevara

Base of Operations: Seattle

First Appearance: Dark Angel Episode #1 "Dark Angel" (Fox, 3rd October 2000)

Powers/Abilities: Superhuman intelligence, strength and agility, enhanced senses, trained in all forms of combat and use of most weapons, trained in espionage.

History: "She was designed to be the perfect soldier. She was trained to be a human weapon. But then she escaped. They came after her, and she knew they would never stop looking. She was lucky. A few months later, terrorists triggered an electro-magnetic pulse that wiped out America's cyber infra-structure. The U.S. became a third world country overnight. It was easy for a girl to disappear. Ten years later she's still looking over he shoulder. She's found an unlikely ally in Logan Cale. Born to a life of privilege, he's now an underground cyber-journalist crusading against a corrupt government. He wants to save the world, or what's left of it. She just wants to find the others like her. Together...who knows."

Max was one of a number of genetically engineered children grown by a secret government project, and trained to be the ultimate spies and soldiers. Realising that their lives were expendable, the children organised a break-out from the secluded compound holding them. Several died in the attempt, but many got out and scattered across the country, using the skills they had been taught to make themselves ghosts. A few months later a terrorist group set off a EMP bomb, frying every computer in the country, thus wiping out all virtual records. In this confusion, the children found it easy to make new lives. Years later, and Max had become a bike courier in Seattle, using theft as a way of making some extra money to help her with her true goal in life: to track down the other escapees, whom she considered siblings. After initially trying to burgle him, she teamed up with an idealistic journalist and millionaire, Logan Cale, who sought to expose the corruption among those who held power in the new dystopia.

Comments: Created by James Cameron. Max was played by Jessica Alba.

Thanks to N.D. Woods for additional information.

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