Dan Dare's Universe (2000 A.D. version)

The original incarnation of Dan Dare had been the strip which made Britain's Eagle comic a success back in the fifties and sixties. So it was hardly surprising that given the chance to revive the old character in their fledgling new science fiction and action comic 2000 A.D., the editors leapt at the chance. Dan was meant to be the star of the comic, although he was soon overtaken in popularity by new boy, Judge Dredd. That said he still sustained a good run during the comic's first year (Progs #1-23, 28-85), finally getting a rest when 2000 A.D. merged with Starlord. He returned after a short break, but by this time the writing was on the wall. He departed in Prog #126, leaving on a cliff-hanger. Any chance of a resolution to this story was scuppered a few years later when a new version of the old Eagle comic was launched, along with a new incarnation of Dan.

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