Dakota Kid (Atlas Comics)

Real Name: Frank Yarrow

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Deputy sheriff, formerly gunslinging ne-er-do-well

Affiliations: The Sheriff of Dakota County

Enemies: Denbrow gang

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Dakota County

First Appearance: Quick-Trigger Western #15 (Atlas, December 1956)

Powers/Abilities: Skilled gunslinger

History: (Quick-Trigger Western #15, ga) As a youth Frank Yarrow earned a reputation as a hothead and gunslinger, getting into a number of gunfights just for the Hell of it. Though he never committed a more serious crime, eventually his lawlessness saw him sent to prison for five years. Released after three for good behaviour and on the understanding that he would not even carry a gun until his parole was over, he returned home swearing to be Frank Yarrow from now on, not the Dakota Kid.

Things didn't prove to be that easy, as he was soon approached by an old friend, now the leader of the Denbrow gang, to be part of a planned heist. Meanwhile the sheriff refused to believe he had reformed or that he was not part of the gang, telling him he could only prove his innocence by becoming a deputy and help in their capture. Aware of the terms of his parole, Yarrow refused, but when the gang told him of their plans to murder the sheriff he realised his options had run out. He grabbed a gun off the gang's leader, then shot the entire gang. Afterwards he was convinced he would be going back to prison, but the greatful sheriff made him a deputy, informing him that they were expected to shoot their guns in the line of duty.

Comments: Thanks to Jess Nevins for allowing me to use information from his excellent Golden Age Heroes Directory and his Guide to Golden Age Marvel Characters. Thanks also to Richard Boucher & Darrin Wiltshire @ PR-Publications for permission to use information from their equally brilliant collection of Golden Age Sites, PR Publications. Their knowledge of Golden Age characters far outstrips my own.

Dakota Kid (Marvel Comics)

Real Name: Cliff Morgan

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Outlaw

Affiliations: Rawhide Kid

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: Wayde (brother, deceased), unnamed father

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Dakota, c.1870s

First Appearance: Western Team-Up #1 (Marvel Comics)

Powers/Abilities: Gunslinger, extremely fast on the draw. Skilled tracker.

History: Cliff Morgan, also known as the Dakota Kid, had already earned a reputation as a shootist by the time he encountered the Rawhide Kid, who was on the run from a posse at the time. After failing to provoke a gunfight to see who was faster, Cliff invited Rawhide to take a job with his father, an influential man in the area; however Cliff's father preferred not to employ someone with Rawhide's record. When Cliff's brother Wayde was killed, their grief stricken father disowned his surviving son. Cliff meanwhile tracked down the killers, and gunned them down in fair combat. In spite of this, he was arrested; rather than await trial, the hotheaded Cliff broke out of jail and went on the run.

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