Abslom Daak - Dalek Killer

Real Name: Abslom Daak

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Dalek-Slayer, former criminal

Affiliations: The Star Tigers (Salander, Harma, Mercurius); the Doctor (seventh incarnation), Bernice Summerfield

(former) Selene

Enemies: Daleks

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Human, Draconian and Dalek Space, c.26th century

First Appearance: "Abslom Daak...Dalek Killer," Doctor Who Weekly #17 (Marvel U.K., 6th February 1980)

Powers/Abilities: Very hard to kill. Agile, quick thinking and deadly with a chainsword.

History: It is the twenty sixth century, and the Human Empire is threatened by the Daleks. On Earth, Abslom Daak is found guilty of 23 charges of murder, pillage, piracy, massacre and other horrible crimes, and is given two choices for his sentence: death by vapourisation or "Exile D-K". Daak goes for the later as "Vapourisation doesn't hurt."

Exile D-K means that the person is sent by a one-way transmat into the heart of the worlds occupied by the Daleks to kill as many of them as possible before they get you. Daak is equipped and armed, and after destroying the robot meant to send him on his way, he voluntarily jumps into the transmat. He arrives on the planet Mazam, a world recently conquered and made part of the ever expanding Dalek Empire. Getting there just in time to rescue the local ruler, Princess Taiyin, from extermination, Daak sets about taking on the entire Dalek taskforce. Before he can get himself killed Taiyin knocks him out and drags him away on her sky-sled. They’re hit as they fly though and, for reasons Daak initially doesn’t confess to, he saves them with his piloting skills. Eventually he confesses that Taiyin reminds him of a woman he once loved and soon Daak and Taiyin are sharing a kiss. Taiyin takes him to the Dalek command-ship where he plans one last glorious self-destructive attack on the Daleks. Inside the ship he forces one of the Daleks to take him to the command-Dalek where he successfully detonates his entire supply of bombs. He and Taiyin make their escape in an escape pod and celebrate their victory. He and Taiyin have fallen in love but their romance is cut drastically short when a rogue Dalek exterminates her. She dies in his arms and he vows to kill every Dalek in the galaxy.

A short while later a ship enters Draconian space, another Empire threatened by the Daleks. It is pursued by Dalek vessels, and the local fleet destroy the pursuers. The pilot turns out to Abslom Daak. He makes an ally of Prince Salander, who has been trying to convince the Emperor that more ships should be sent to strengthen their defences against possible Dalek attack, a move opposed by Axiron who wishes to negotiate peace with the Daleks. Salander’s enemies seize the chance to accuse him of treason and has the two of them arrested. Salander manages to show Daak his prototype war ship and they plan to depart. Salander is conned into disowning his own son and Daak is delayed by an unexpected inspection tour of the spaceport and ends up attacking the Draconian Emperor. Salander and Daak manage to get away but are pursued by a ship commanded by Salander’s son and Salander is forced to open fire, destroying the ship. Salander and Daak, joined in grief over losing the ones they loved most, travel off to find a crew for their ship.

They recruit old allies of Daak's, Harma (an Ice Warrior) and Mercurius (an earthman). Harma is working on Paradise as a professional killer and Daak accidentally forces Harma to try and kill him. Daak overpowers him though and takes him back to the kill wagon. Vol Mercurius is playing a war game with his robotic companion, the war game being played out for real elsewhere on the planet Dispater. Daak arrives and takes him from his game. In space, Mercurius correctly identifies some meteors as being camouflaged Daleks and the kill wagon is put through its paces with Daak relishing the opportunity to destroy the Daleks. Mercurius assumes command of the ship against Daak’s will and they plot a course for the Dalek command ship. They drop their cargo of nukes in a volcano and the resulting eruption wipes out the Dalek craft.

Shortly after this, the Star Tigers, as Daak's group have become known, are shot down over the planet known as Hell. The Doctor lands on the planet Hell where he runs into Abslom Daak, who appears to be the sole survivor. The Tigers had been heading for Hell because they had discovered it was crawling with Daleks and realised that they were up to something. The Doctor sides with Daak and discovers that the Daleks are mining the planet for the gas Helkogen, a deadly poison. They rescue a group of Helkans from the Daleks and take a cargo ship up to the Dalek Death Wheel in orbit around the planet. However, when they try and board, they transmit the incorrect security codes and the Daleks capture all of them bar Daak. Daak finds out that the Daleks are building a genocide device, their ultimate weapon, with which they plan to conquer planet after planet. He rescues the captured Doctor and then together they rescue the captive Helkans. Whilst exploring the Death Wheel they discover its reactor core and, after knocking the Doctor out and telling the Helkans to get him off the Wheel, Daak sacrifices himself by flying his Dalek hovercraft into the core. The Death Wheel explodes and the Doctor departs Hell in the TARDIS, the Helkans now worshiping Daak as a hero.

But Daak survives, as he is snatched from the Wheel by a teleport beam at the moment before the hovercraft hit the core, and taken through time by the Daleks. They trick him into thinking he is back on Earth, and reunite him with his fellow Star Tigers, who survived the crash of their ship after all, and with the Doctor and his new travelling companion, Benny. The Daleks blackmail them into locating their escaped creator, Davros, which leads to a confrontation between two Dalek armies, one loyal to their Emperor, one to Davros. Daak, Benny, the Doctor and the Star Tigers make their escape in the confusion.

Comments: Created by Steve Moore and David Lloyd.

The story takes place some time in the twenty sixth century when there are two great empires, the human empire and the Dalek Empire.

Dalek Killing is referred to as “Dee-Kay”. The robot guarding the entrance to the Dee-Kay room (from which the people are teleported) is called J-17. The average life expectancy of a Dalek Killer is 2 hours, 32 minutes and 23 seconds. Only one in four even survive the teleportation. The odds against surviving a Dee-Kay lifestyle are one in six million.

Daak knows how to pilot a sky-sled. His former lover (with whom he had nothing but bad times) was called Selene.


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