Real Name: Unrevealed (may be the Crypt-Keeper, given his parentage, though it seems unlikely)

Identity/Class: Supernatural being (undead hybrid)

Occupation: Horror host, cryptkeeper

Affiliations: GhouLunatics (Old Witch, Vault Keeper)

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: Enoch (father, two-headed corpse), Myrna (a.k.a. Myranah, 4000 year-old female Egyptian mummy, mother)

Aliases: T. Charles Kingman

Base of Operations: 711 Woods Road, unnamed American city (may include the Crypt of Terror, or the Crypt is another of his bases)

First Appearance: "Return From the Grave", Crime Patrol #15 (E.C., December 1949 / January 1950)

Powers/Abilities: Presumably being undead makes him hard to kill, and he once responded to being decapitated as merely something to joke about, but he's not really a fighter. However, he knows a heck of a lot of spooky stories ending with unexpected twists, and has a macabre, sense of humour.

History: Though perfectly happy to torture and kill humans, the monstrous Crypt-Keeper also loves storytelling, and if encountered when he is in the right mood, will spin a yarn instead of (or as a precursor to) harming the humans he meets.

Comments: The Crypt-Keeper's origin was recounted in "Lower Berth" in Tales from the Crypt #33. He was portrayed in 1972 by Ralph Richardson in the Amicus Pictures movie Tales from the Crypt. In the 1990s he was voiced by John Kassir in the TV show Tales from the Crypt and cartoon Tales from the Crypt-Keeper.

Thanks to Mike McAllister for some great additional information, including: According to "Lower Berth" from Tales from the Crypt #3 (December 1952/January 1953), the Crypt-Keeper's mother was known as "Myrna" She was known as "Myranah" to the ancient Egyptians. The Crypt-Keeper used the alias "T . Charles Kingman" in "While the Cat's Away ..." from The Vault of Horror # 4 (December 1953/January 1954). The name "T . Charles Kingman" used the same initials as "The Crypt-Keeper". That selfsame story gave his address as 711 Woods Road, depicted as a house with a basement full of vampires, werewolves, mummies and zombies.


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