Real Name: C'Rizz

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional extra-terrestrial (Eutermesan)

Occupation: Monk

Affiliations: Doctor (eighth incarnation), Charley Pollard; formerly the Church of the Foundation

Enemies: the Kromon, the Kro'Ka

Known Relatives: Guidance (father, deceased)

Aliases: Z’ricc

Base of Operations: Formerly the TARDIS; Botresoye

First Appearance: The Creed of the Kromon (Big Finish. 2004)

Powers/Abilities: Can change his skin colour for camouflage purposes.

History: Native to the universe of the Divergents (a universe locked away by Rassilon outside the boundaries of our own), C'rizz was originally a monk in the Church of the Foundation on the planet Botresoye, the zone of Eutermes. He was due to be married to his childhood sweetheart L'da, but this was interrupted when the entire Eutermes zone was invaded by the Kromon. The Kromon genetically altered L'da and C'rizz was forced to kill her. Thereafter, with no reason to remain on Botresoye, he left with the Doctor and fellow companion, Charlotte "Charley" Pollard. As adventures unfolded it became clear that C'rizz was killing people and somehow recording their personalities in the form of disembodied voices that spoke to him when he was alone. This transpired to be a practice of his religion, collecting the souls of sinners in a special magical tool called his Absolver. Eventually the Abslover was allowed to release the captive souls and this motivated C'rizz to perform his final duty to the Church of the Foundation, absolving the sinners. This act and the events surrounding it ultimately cost the Eutermesan his life.

Comments: Created by Scott Alan Woodard. Played by Conrad Westmaas.

Thanks to Rob Henderson for additional information.


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