Real Name: K'rshh

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial - Eronorian, from the planet Eronori. An organic being with metallic skin and armor.

Occupation: Working part-time for credits in a garden center until her visa comes through to get a full time job. Also attends seminars and speaks about her species, as required by Earth's immigrations laws

Affiliations: The Watson family (Richard, Lizbet and "Rummble")

Enemies: Her brother's captors

Known Relatives: K'hesh (brother), Mishh (sister), 5 other brothers and father.

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Her apartment in downtown Barrington

First Appearance: Rummblestrips #1 (2002)

Powers/Abilities: Extremely strong and fast. Armored skin hardens when threatened. Can remove armor and use as weapons

History: Most of Crash's past before she traveled to Earth in 2002 have yet to be revealed. We do know that she left her home planet after her brother was arrested and sent to a neighbouring planet to serve his sentence, then disappeared. When she arrived on Earth on a stolen ship, she was immediately placed into foster care by Earth's immigration department as she was only 12 years old. They chose one of their own agents, Richard Watson as her foster father as he specialized in alien speech patterns and adolescent behaviours.

Crash is 6"5, which is quite short for your species. She speaks 4 languages fluently, is in love with Earth's plant-life and adores cats. She is quick to lose her temper and can be quite immature, but she will listen to authority if she is treated with respect. She is aggressive physically and socially, but she is also good natured. Her fighting skills are impressive, even compared to her fellow Eronorians, who are known for their ability to ward off any attack and come through, unscathed. The only known weakness of an Eronorian is stress. Their bodies emit a 'purring' sound to ensure their joints and skin stay soft enough to move. If their bodies harden up too much, they can lock in place, which can cause an extrodinairy amount of pain. When stressed, the 'purring' can be much more difficult to create, therefore, locking up can easily occur.

Comments: Created by Joanne Ellen Mutch.

Crash will be appearing in the War of the Independents.

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