Real Name: Lee Alexander Clayton

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Adventurer, former government operative, criminal

Affiliations: Formerly Liberty Project

Enemies: Johnny Savage, Seraphim, Silver City Wranglers

Known Relatives: Charles (younger brother), unidentified father

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: San Francisco

First Appearance: Liberty Project #1; Total Eclipse #1-5

Powers/Abilities: Crackshot's super power is natural perfect aim. Without practice, preparation or genuine effort of any kind, he can always hit exactly what he's aiming for in whatever way he wants. Been that way since birth. Only outside interference of some kind can ever change this. The device he wears on his forearm, his "whammer", mechanically increases the speed and distance of the projectiles, but his aim is just as good whether he uses the device, or his bare hands.


Comments: Created by Kurt Busiek and James W. Fry. Thanks to James Fry for additional information. James informs me "The reason he was absent from his teammates' TeenAgents appearance is that he'd resigned from the team as the first-ever graduate of the Liberty Project. While he remains in touch with the others, he is currently a solo crimefighter in the greater San Francisco area. Pointless trivia: Crackshot is originally from New York State. His estranged father is a high school basketball coach, and he has a teenage younger brother named Charles."


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