Real Name: Compassion

Identity/Class: Sentient timeship
formerly Genetically engineered human

Occupation: TARDIS

Affiliations: The Doctor (eighth incarnation), Fitz Kreiner (Kode), Nivet;
formerly the Remote, Guest, Faction Paradox

Enemies: Faction Paradox, Romana (third incarnation);
formerly the Doctor, Fitz Kreiner (Father Kreiner), Sam Jones

Known Relatives: Laura Tobin (genetic originator), Antipathy (son)

Aliases: Mary Culver

Base of Operations: Mobile across the universe, through time and space

First Appearance: Interference Book 1: Shock Tactic

Powers/Abilities: Compassion can travel through time and space at will. Her exterior appearance is a facade, and she can alter it at will. She is virtually indestructible, immune to all physical force.

History: (Interference Book 1: Shock Tactic)

(Interference Book 2: The Hour of the Geek)

(The Blue Angel)

(The Taking of Planet 5)

(Frontier Worlds)

(Parallel 59)

(Growing Higher)

(The Shadows of Avalon)

(The Fall of Yquatine)


(The Space Age)

(The Banquo Legacy)

(The Ancestor Cell)

(Sabbath Dei audio)

(In the Year of the Cat audio)

Comments: In the Faction Paradox audios Compassion is played by Jackie Skarvellis.


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