Combat Colin

Real Name: Colin Doobrey-Smiff

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Crimefighter

Affiliations: Semi-Automatic Steve, Brickman, Macho-Man, Combat Kate, Roy L.T. Check, Headline Howard, Julie & Joan Giggly; failed applicant for Action Force

Enemies: Bad Hatter, Megabrain, Dr. Nasty, Dr. Doom, Professor Madprof, Bankrobber Man, Ragdoll, Pocket-Picker, Moutain Man, D.J. Yampy, Steamroller Man, Aunt Arctic, the Gunge

Known Relatives: Unidentified parents

Aliases: Clairvoyant Colin, Brickman

Base of Operations: Guffon City, formerly Combat Shed, Wallytown

First Appearance: Action Force #5 (Marvel UK, 4th April 1987)

Powers/Abilities: Carries a massive variety of weapons in his Combat Trousers.

History: Colin Doobrey-Smiff was a quiet and reserved comic book fan until the day he encountered a strange alien being, who told him he had been chosen to be Earth's champion against crime (because no one else was daft enough to do it), then gave him combat trousers with "very, very deep pockets to store weapons in" and the Big DIY Book of Funny Daft Weapons. Colin became obsessed with militaria, but was rejected by the army for flat feet, and repeatedly rejected by elite anti-terrorist unit Action Force. Refusing to give up, Combat Colin, as he now termed himself, interviewed for a "gang" of his own - the sole successful applicant was Semi-Automatic Steve, mainly because Steve blew the other applicants up with a hand grenade. Together the pair battled a variety of maniacal villains, and teamed up with fellow heroes when they were imprisoned together in the Place of No Return. The pair later travelled back in time from their native 1992 to the 1960s, and then forward to 2000. When Guffon City's resident hero Brickman was reported killed, Colin temporarily took up his mantle to carry on his good work.

Comments: Created by Lew Stringer. Originally created as a back-up strip for Marvel UK's Action Force comic, Combat Colin later transferred to Transformers Weekly. When Marvel UK elected to stop running their humour strips, they gave Lew the rights to Colin.

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