Action Force

Storm Shadow, one of the Cobra villainsAction Force was a series of strips based on the Action Man / G.I. Joe toys that ran, first in Battle (which was retitled Battle Action Force) and then in the Marvel owned Action Force comic.

The characters were based on a series of figures, and the origins and stories changed depending on who the publisher was and which country they were being printed in - in other words the background and stories of Baron Ironblood (the original lead villain) shown in the Battle comic differed from the one in the U.S. G.I. Joe comic. And since the strips had to showcase all the different action figures that were released, the sheer number of characters thrown at the reader could be very off-putting.

In Battle the strip originally had a four issue run, starting on 4 June 1983. On 8 October 1983 Action Force returned, virtually taking over the comic with four or five strips showcasing different characters in each issue. What had been an excellent war and adventure comic became a toy showcase.  This lasted until 29 November 1986, when Marvel bought the rights to do a comic, and the strips in Battle ended abruptly.

Rather than list all the characters who would normally qualify as superheroes or supervillains (especially as the heritage of these characters is dubious - British and American strips mixed together, all based on American toys), I've included the following links to sites dedicated to Action Force and the related toys.

YoJoe     Action Force

If anyone feels I'm wrong for not including proper entries to the various characters in what purports to be a site trying to list as many (if not all) British superhero and villain characters, can I just point out the subtitle the same characters had in their original formats: "G.I. Joe - A Real American Hero." Action Force deserves mention, but I'm not going to grace them with individual entries.

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