The Cloak

Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Secret agent

Affiliations: Chief (his boss), Mole, Shortstuff, Lady Cynthia Shady, Special Squad

Enemies: Deathshead, Road Hog, Monster Maker, Black Santa, Baron Von Nasty, the Warlock, the Crow

Known Relatives: None.

Aliases: None.

Base of Operations: Secret Sanctum

First Appearance: Pow! #18 (1967-68); Smash! (1968-69)

Powers/Abilities: Unknown.

History: The Cloak was a mysterious secret agent who worked for the equally mysterious Chief. His foes included Deathshead, who had a vaguely skull-like head and wore a black leotard, and who fought the Cloak on at least two occasions; and the Road Hog, who wore a pig-like mask and drove a fearsome drag racing machine. Many of his foes were of a supernatural nature. From the pictures on the wall of his secret sanctum, the Cloak (or his ancestors) had been around since at least 1668.

Comments: The Cloak was helped by the Mole and Shortstuff. Most of his adventures had supernatural elements to them.

He was originally created as a pastiche of the pulp hero, the Shadow. Created by Mike Higgs as "the Shudder" in a fanzine, he was transformed into "The Cloak" for his debut in Pow! On the wall of his inner sanctum he has a picture of the Shadow with "My Hero" below it.

Thanks to Richard McHale for information on the Cloak's foes.

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