If Claudia did originally appear in The Stranger, then this is what she looks like, from that novel's cover.Real Name: Claudia Marwood (see comments)

Identity/Class: Normal human




Known Relatives: Unidentified husband (deceased)


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: (mentioned) Father Time; (appears - see comments) The Stranger



Comments: Created (kind of, see rest of comments) by Lance Parkin. Allegedly the author confirmed that the character's name was an in-joke of sorts, referencing the character Claudia Marwood, a widow who has an affair with an amnesiac man, "Paul," in "The Stranger" by Portia Da Costa, one of Virgin Books' Black Lace range (erotic novels). da Costa apparently based Paul on Paul McGann's performance as the Doctor, and since Father Time is set during a period when the Doctor has amnesia, the two stories fitted together from a continuity stance. In Father Time, Claudia is reported to be a widow, matching Claudia Marwood's status.


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