Charlie Raven

Real Name: Charles Raven

Identity/Class: Human mutant (?)

Occupation: Greatest Escapologist of the Victorian Age

Affiliations: Crawford (deceased); Henry Carlson (deceased); Inspector Bullstrode; Jack Staff

Enemies: The Time Leech

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: London, c.1890s and early 21st century

First Appearance: Jack Staff

Powers/Abilities: Keen mind, impeccable skill at escapology and contortion, and the ability to slow down his heartbeat and breathing to the point he can remain alive for over a century.

History: A famous escapologist in Victorian times, Raven was targeted by a Time-Leech (a time-absorbing other-dimensional being then trapped in human form) as a suitable mate. Encountering his old friend Henry Carlson, dramatically aged beyond his years and later found dead, Raven’s investigation led him to the Leech’s Castletown vice den. Shunning its attentions, he saw his servant Crawford aged to premature death and found himself placed in a coma and buried alive for the Leech to absorb later.

However, a police investigation of the den saw the Leech knocked unconscious and developing amnesia. Raven was left buried until the present, when builder John Smith (a.k.a. Jack Staff) uncovered him. Bewildered by the strange 21st Century, Raven tracked down the Time Leech (which had regained its memories) and tried to kill it. By the end of the whole thing, the Leech had been sent back to its original dimension and Raven had gone missing again.

Comments: Created by Paul Grist, based on Janus Stark.

Raven believed it “better to die chasing adventure than live a dull, monochrome life”. He also suffered from a superiority complex, especially with his former servant Crawford; escaping from his bonds just after Crawford’s death, the Leech noted “strange how you couldn’t manage that two minutes earlier to save your monkey”.

Profile by Charles Ellis.

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