Casanova Frankenstein

Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Criminal mastermind

Affiliations: Dr.Annabel Leek, Tony P. and Tony C. and their Disco Boys, the Furrier Gang, the Frat Boy gang, the Not-So-Goodie mob, the Suits gang, the Susies

Enemies: Captain Amazing; the Mystery Men

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: His mansion, overlooking Champion City

First Appearance: Mystery Men (Dark Horse Entertainments and Lawrence Gordon Productions, 1999)

Powers/Abilities: Casanova Frankenstein is a criminal genius, armed with a variety of deadly gadgets. His little finger's nail is extremely sharp and apparently potentially deadly.

History: Casanova Frankenstein once kept Champion City in a grip of fear, controlling several gangs such as the Disco Boys and the Furriers, sending them to carry out his evil machinations. Eventually the heroic Captain Amazing captured him, and he was sentenced to be imprisoned in an insane asylum, where he spent the next twenty years.

In the late 1990's things began to go his way again. He seduced his therapist, Dr.Annabel Leek, who got him a hearing to discuss whether or not he had been cured and could be released back into society. His case would still have been for naught, if Captain Amazing, eager to have a real opponent once more to boost his flagging popularity, hadn't spoken out on Casanova's behalf. And so the menace of Frankenstein once more threatened Champion City.

The same night he was released, Captain Amazing visited him. The overconfident superhero swiftly fell prey to a boobytrap planted by his nemesis, and was captured. A minor superhero known as Mr.Furious witnessed this, and shortly afterwards came back with his team-mates, the Mystery Men, seeking to free Captain Amazing and capture Casanova. However, in their ineptitude, they accidentally killed the man they were trying to rescue, and they fled to rethink their strategy. Shortly afterwards they harassed Casanova on the roads, attacking his limousine. This minor upset angered Casanova, who discovered the identity of the girl Mr.Furious loved, and had her kidnapped.

Casanova also gathered together his old gangs, and explained his plans to destroy the city using a reality warping device. The Mystery Men burst in on this party (literally), and captured or killed most of the gang members. Casanova tried to use his hostage to hold off the heroes, but Mr.Furious tapped into his rage, and faced the villain mano a mano. After a brief battle, Casanova Frankenstein was thrown into the energy stream of his reality warping device, where his body was ripped apart by the forces contained within.

Comments: Played by Geoffrey Rush


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