Captain Amazing

Real Name: Lance Hunt

Identity/Class: Uncertain - may be normal human using high-tech equipment, a mutant or a mutated human.

Occupation: Superhero, lawyer

Affiliations: Vic Weems (his publicist, played by Ricky Jay); the Mystery Men (fellow heroes)

Enemies: Casanova Frankenstein; the Red-Eye Gang

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Champion City

First Appearance: Mystery Men (movie)

Powers/Abilities: Able to fly. Superhuman strength. Bullet-proof.

History: Captain Amazing was the premiere hero of Champion City. Under his protection, the city thrived, with all the major villains being eliminated - captured, retired or killed. He became extremely wealthy too, taking corporate sponsorship from a huge number of firms keen to be associated with him. Sadly he was too successful for his own good; with no worthy opponents left for him to fight, his sponsors started to leave him. Desperate to stay the media star, he arranged for the release of Casanova Frankenstein, one of his greatest enemies, so that he could be seen to once more thwart the evil mastermind's plans. Unfortunately he miscalculated. Overconfident, he easily fell prey to a booby trap and was captured. He was imprisoned within his enemy's lair, beneath a fiendish torture advice, with Casanova planning to demonstrate his newest weapon of mass destruction to a gathering of his allies by using it on his captive. Once more the Captain's bad luck held true. The Mystery Men, having broken into the arch-villain's lair, chanced upon the prisoner, and while attempting to free him, accidentally activated the weapon, which killed Captain Amazing in a rather gruesome and painful manner.

Comments: Played by Greg Kinnear

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