The first depiction of Carnacki, from The Idler.

Real Name: Thomas Carnacki

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Supernatural detective

Affiliations: Dodgson


Known Relatives:

Aliases: The Ghost-Finder

Base of Operations: 472 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, London

First Appearance: The Gateway of the Monster, Idler Magazine (1910)



Comments: Created by William Hope Hodgson.

Carnacki's fourth story, The Horse of the Invisible, was adapted for television in 1971 as the fifth episode of Thames Television's The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes. Carnacki was played by Donald Pleasance.

LoXG CarnackiCarnacki encountered the second Doctor in the 2002 Telos novella Foreign Devils, and was a member of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen in the 2007 LoEG: Black Dossier.

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