Captain Clyde

Real Name: Chris Melville

Identity/Class: Magically empowered human

Occupation: Unemployed

Affiliations: Elen, Alison (girlfriend)

Enemies: Magna, Quasar, the Sinister Circle (Basilisk, Trinity, Belphegor, one other), Deros, Satan

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Glasgow

First Appearance: Govan Press (November 12th 1979)

Powers/Abilities: Powers of Earth and Fire. Able to fly. Possesses superhuman strength, sufficient to lift aloft a bus.

History: Visiting the Ring of Brodgar standing stones in the Orkneys, Chris Melville was confronted by a vision of Elen, "goddess of the old straight tracks and the sacred stones," who proclaimed that only in seven times seven score years could mortal man gain the powers over Earth and Fire from the stones where he was. By chance he had arrived at the crucial moment, but first had to prove himself by defeating her champion Magna. Unfortunately Magna easily beat Chris to death, announcing he had lost his right to the powers, but despite this, as the sun set, the stones' power awakened, resurrecting the man as something no longer quite human. For three years he protected Glasgow, albeit causing a lot of property damage, and the rest of Scotland, fighting the star-powered Quasar, the monstrous Deros in the Glasgow Underground, before finally dying after fighting Satan himself. 

Comments: Created by Grant Morrison. This was his first published work, which he wrote and drew. It ran for three years simultaneously appearing in the Govan Press, Renfrew Press and Clydebank Press, for around 150 installments. The final part came out on November 5th 1982.

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