121/2p Buytonic Boy

Real Name: Steve Ford

Identity/Class: Human empowered by chemical means.

Occupation: Crimefighter, spy, school boy

Affiliations: Agent of the Ever-So-Secret Service

Enemies: NME.

Known Relatives: None.

Aliases: Super Steve

Base of Operations: U.K.

First Appearance: "Half a Dollar (121/2p) Boy", Badtime Bedtime Book, Monster Fun #37 (Fleetway/I.P.C., 21st February 1976) 

Powers/Abilities: Steve is superstrong, superagile and superfast, but he must drink the tonic every so often to retain these abilities.

History: Having crashed his soapbox car, Steve Ford buys a bottle of Vitamin Tonic from Professor Nutz, Inventor, for 121/2p. Upon drinking it he becomes superpowered, and sets off to do good deeds.

Comments: Steve debuted in Monster Fun's Badtime Bedtime Book, a series of one-off stories parodying famous novels, films and television shows, before becoming a regular feature in the newly launched Krazy, where it ran from the first issue (16th October 1976) to the last (#79, 15th April 78) under the name Buytonic Boy. He survived Krazy's cancellation and merger into Whizzer and Chips where he ran for nearly eight years more (22nd April 1978 - 8th February 86). 

Eventually Steve was hired as a super-spy for the Ever-So-Secret Service who sent  on missions to catch NME spies. Each strip thereafter began with a similar introductory panel as Steve rushed to HQ to be debriefed by the Chief:

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