Real Name: Bronx

Identity/Class: Gargoyle Beast

Occupation: Protector

Affiliations: His clan, Elisa Maza, Matt Bluestone, David Xanatos, Angela

Enemies: Demona, Xanatos, Thailog, the Illuminati, Archmage

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York, NY; formerly Castle Wyvern, Scotland

First Appearance: Gargoyles Episode #1 "The Awakening, Part 1" (Buena Vista for Syndication, 24th October 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Bronx is a gargoyle beast. He has the intelligence and general demeanor of a dog. His sense of smell is about at a level of a greyhound. Unlike, an actual gargoyle he does not have wings and cannot glide. Like all gargoyles his strength is superhuman. During the day, he, like all gargoyles, turns to stone. This allows him to heal faster then humans. Also, he does not age during while he "sleeps." However, he is vulnerable during the day.

History: Bronx was born and raised next to a clan of gargoyles at Castle Wyvern in 10th century Scotland. He served as the clans pet and "guard dog." When Wyvern was attacked by Vikings, he aided his masters and their human allies against them. After the battle, he and three young gargoyles (later to be known as Brooklyn, Broadway, and Lexington) got in a skirmish with humans who had taken refuge in the castle. Though the relatively innocent party, Goliath, the clan's leader, chastised them and for punishment had them sent down to the rookery where gargoyle eggs were hatched. This saved their lives when the Vikings overran the castle the next day. Most of the gargoyles were killed and the humans captured. Bronx went along with the surviving gargoyles to avenge the clan and rescue the humans. During the resulting battle, a captured sorcerer blamed them for the fall of the castle and placed a spell on them. The spell could not be broken until Castle Wyvern rose above the clouds.

The Gargoyles slept for centuries until the near the end of the twentieth century, when billionaire David Xanatos bought the Castle and had it shipped stone-by-stone to New York. Alongside the other gargoyles, Bronx found himself in late twentieth century Manhattan. There he was given the name Bronx in accordance with his new surroundings.

Comments: Voiced by Frank Welker.

Profile by Matthew A. Ilseman.


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