Elisa Maza

Real Name: Elisa Maza

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Police Detective

Affiliations: The Gargoyles, Matt Bluestone, NYPD

Enemies: David Xanatos, Demona, Tony Dracon

Known Relatives: Peter Maza (father), Diane Maza (mother), Derek Maza/Talon (brother), Beth Maza (sister)

Aliases: Salli

Base of Operations: New York, NY

First Appearance: Gargoyles Episode #1 "The Awakening, Part 1" (Buena Vista for Syndication, 24th October 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Elisa is a police detective and quite good at her job. She is a good shot and very good at hand-to-hand combat. Her resourcefulness has allowed her to deal with quite a few strange situations.

History: Elisa Maza was the daughter of Peter Maza, New York cop. Along with her younger brother Derek, she followed in his footsteps, eventually becoming a Detective. Her life for the most part was ordinary, until one night when she investigated a series of explosions on top of a skyscraper owned by David Xanatos. The billionaire explained to her that mercenaries from a rival company had attacked him. Elisa did not believe him and later, without Xanatos' knowledge, began to investigate the castle that Xanatos had built on the top of the building. There she encountered the gargoyle Goliath who had recently awoken from a thousand year enchanted sleep. She fell for him, immediately. Literally. Right off the battlements of the castle. Goliath managed to swoop down and save her. Realizing that Goliath and his clan meant no harm, she agreed to show Goliath around the city the next night.

The next night, Elisa showed Goliath around Manhattan. At his wish, she showed him what could be a danger to the clan. In Central Park, they were attacked by the same group of mercenaries that had previously attacked the castle. During the confrontation, Goliath was shot with a tranquilizer dart. She helped Goliath hide until dawn when the sun came up and he turned to stone. She then distracted, and eventually took out, their pursuers. She then stayed with Goliath through the day. This impressed him and earned his trust. After separating, Elisa discovered that the mercenaries had been working for Xanatos. Later, she saw Goliath and another gargoyle, Demona, flee an airship as it crashed into a river. Confronting the gargoyle, she learned that Goliath had retrieved a computer disk believing that it been stolen from Xanatos. She revealed to Goliath that Xanatos had duped him and they returned to the castle. A battle resulted between the gargoyles and Xanatos and Demona, who had been in league. Elisa saved Goliath from being shot by Demona, but was thrown from the castle. Again Goliath swooped down and saved her. She then arrested Xanatos.

That was only her first adventure with Goliath and his clan. Many more would come and her relationship with him would grow deeper than either would have anticipated.

Comments: Voiced by Salli Richardson.

Profile by Matthew A. Ilseman.


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