Irving Braxiatel

Brax during the time he was running the CollectionReal Name: Braxiatel

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Gallifreyan)

Occupation: Time Lord, manipulator

Affiliations: Bernice Summerfield

Enemies: Jason Kane

Known Relatives: The Doctor (allegedly his brother)

Aliases: Cardinal Braxiatel, Brax

Base of Operations: The Braxiatel Collection

First Appearance: (his collection mentioned) "City of Death Episode 1," Doctor Who (BBC 1, September 29th 1979); (character debuted in prose) Theatre of War (Virgin's Doctor Who New Adventures, May 1994); (character debuted in audio) "Bernice Summerfield and the Extinction Event," Bernice Summerfield series #2.3 (Big Finish, July 2001); (character debuted in animation) "Dead and Buried" (Big Finish webcast, August 31st 2010)

Brax during Empire of GlassPowers/Abilities:


Cardinal BraxiatelComments: Surname created by Douglas Adams, but character created by Justin Richards. Played by Miles Richardson.


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