Real Name: Mitchell Cameron

Identity/Class: Mutated human

Occupation: Astronaut

Affiliations: Starforce Six


Known Relatives: Donna Cameron (wife)


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Bolt and the Starforce Six #1 (Americomics)

Powers/Abilities: Flight, energy blasts

History: While outside the space shuttle Nemesis repairing the "video radar", astronaut Mitchell Cameron is engulfed by a luminous space cloud which starts to disintegrate his space suit. To save him a fellow crew member shoots at him with a laser [as you do :-) ]. This, in combination with exposure to the alien entity, causes Mitch to be fused with his experimantal radiation suit, transforming him into a being of incredible superhuman power. Temporarily deprived of his ability to reason, he returns by instinct to Cape Canaveral, under his own power.

N.A.S.A. picked up his approach on their tracking devices, and believing him to be an alien visitor, Dr.Orion Larsen called in the Starforce, whose remit included first contacts, to protect the base. Not knowing the flying man was a fellow astronaut, the Starforce engaged Bolt in battle. But Cameron's wife, Donna, recognised his unique radiation suit on the "alien", and convinced Dr.Larsen of the true identity of the intruder. Larsen called off the taskforce while Donna approached Bolt. Her presence seemed to calm him, as if he was remembering, but then he flew off into space.

Comments: Thanks to Andy Williams for contributing background details on this character and notes on what his powers were. Andy mentions that power wise Bolt "seems to be very similar to Captain Atom in my opinion a character who AC had just lost to DC comics after only using him in one comic the Sentinels of Justice"

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