Membership: Samson, Fawn, Night Owl, Belladonna, Buck-Eye; Gard

Purpose: To be Earth's first point of contact with alien visitors to Earth.

Affiliations: Dr.Oron Larsen


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Bolt and the Starforce Six

History: When N.A.S.A. picked up the approach of a flying man on their tracking devices, they believed him to be an alien visitor. Dr.Orion Larsen called in the Starforce, whose remit included first contacts, to protect the base. In fact the being was actually a mutated astronaut, Mitchell Cameron, a.k.a. Bolt, who had recently been transformed through exposure to a strange cloud while on a space mission. Not knowing the flying man was a fellow astronaut, the Starforce engaged Bolt in battle. But Cameron's wife, Donna, recognised his unique radiation suit on the "alien", and convinced Dr.Larsen of the true identity of the intruder. Larsen called off the taskforce while Donna approached Bolt. Her presence seemed to calm him, as if he was remembering, but then he flew off into space.

Later Dr Larsen and the Starforce conferred with Cameron's crewmates who had pulled him from the mysterious space cloud which had caused his transformation. They decided to launch the Starforce into space to investigate the phenomenon. Eventually the located their onjective, which had now been designated the Enigma Cloud. But as they closed on the cloud, the shuttle's controls froze and they found themselves being drawn into the gas. The team leader Samson formulated a plan to manually override the fuel controls, boosting the power so that the ship blasted right through the cloud. However upon emerging from the cloud the astronauts found they were no longer in orbit near Earth, and that they too had been transformed, each one gaining strange powers from their exposure to the entity.



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