Real Name: Boing

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial robot

Occupation: Fugitive, former servant

Affiliations: Barry Bates

Enemies: His alien masters

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Knockout #1 (IPC, 12th June 1971)

Powers/Abilities: Boing's durable body is composed of springs made from an unidentified alien metal, allowing him to compress his form down as small as two inches in height, or expand to thirty feet tall. He can also expand and contract individual body parts, most commonly to stretch his limbs. By using his legs as springs, he can rapidly traverse great distances. Despite being a robot, he apparently had lungs and could drown if submerged underwater too long.

History: Boing was a robotic servitor for cruel alien masters, who controlled the emotional robot through harsh beatings. When his masters landed in a small wood in England on the planet Earth, Boing was sent out to gather rock samples, but chose instead to run away. He was befriended by Barry Bates, a young orphan who had witnessed the alien vessel landing, and the pair went on the run together, constantly pursued by Boing's former owners.Comments: Barry and Boing appeared throughout the entire run of Knockout, 107 issues in all.

Boing was amongst the robots seen in a disassembled state in Penny Dolmann's workshop in Albion.

Barry witnesses the aliens' arrival.

Barry Bates, witnessing the aliens' arrival.

Boing's cameo in Albion.


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