General Blackblood

Real Name: General Blackblood

Identity/Class: Robot

Occupation: Soldier, torturer, arms dealer, software salesman

Affiliations: ABC Warriors, Volgans, The Church of Judas, Straw Dogs, Spike (his pet dog)

Enemies: Hammerstein

Known Relatives: Ruby Yum Yum Gluck (wife)

Aliases: Bunyon Snipe

Base of Operations: currently Mars

First Appearance: 2000 A.D.

Powers/Abilities: Blackblood is an expert shot and skilled fighter. However his true speciality is treachery.

History: In the year 1999 Britain was invaded by the Volgs, once part of the Soviet Union, and now a powerful and warlike nation in their own right. The surprise attack allowed them to easily conquer the U.K., but staunch resistance led by men like Bill Savage eventually drove them back out again. Other nations were dragged into the conflict, until all of Europe was engulfed in war. Developments in robotics saw the first war droids, termed ABC Warriors (because they were immune to Atomic, Bacteriological and Chemical warfare), used by the west. It wasn't long before the Volgs followed suit, and introduced their own. One kind became known as The Straw Dogs, because they were experts in jungle warfare and terror tactics. Programmed for cruelty and treachery, they were led by General Blackblood, who derived his name from stories that he drank the oil of enemy robots.

In the closing days of the war, the first successful western built ABC Warrior, Hammerstein, was tasked with recruiting a group of robot specialists for a secret mission. Much to that robot's disgust one droid he was ordered to recruit was Blackblood. Against his better judgement he followed the order, having the team's sniper shoot the Straw Dog through the heart, and then turning over his inert form to his superiors, who put Blackblood through surgery designed to remove sections of his brain that contained the worst of his vices.

And so Blackblood joined the squad of robots that went on to tame the frontier world of Mars. Once the mission was over each of the droids went their own way. Centuries past, and Earth became known as Termite after the entire population moved underground. A new religion swept the planet, leading to the alien hating Torquemada and his Terminators coming to power, and launching a campaign against all other races. Many old war droids were reactivated and pressed into service for this conflict, including the former leader of the Warriors, Hammerstein. The alien resistance leader, Nemesis, broke Hammerstein free of his new masters, and told him to reform his old squad. The war droid located Blackblood now living as a business man under the name "Bunyon Snipe" on the robot free-planet Mekka, where he was providing addictive software to other droids (a drugs dealer by any other name...). Blackblood was given very little choice but to re-enlist with his old squad and go to war against the Terminators.

Recently it has been revealed that he is part of a robot religion called the Church of Judas. Its symbol being the gallows, the religion provides respite for robots who feel guilty about disobeying their programming and turning on/killing their human masters; they pray to Judas and believe he has taken the sins of their betrayal for them.

Comments: Created by Pat Mills.

Thanks to Charles Ellis for additional information.

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