Real Name: Hammerstein

Identity/Class: War Robot

Occupation: Soldier; formerly Search and Rescue worker

Affiliations: ABC Warriors, Ro-Busters; formerly Mek-Quake

Enemies: Mr. Ten Percent; Torquemada, Mek-Quake, Golgotha

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile; formerly Earth during the Volg Wars; Mars

First Appearance: Starlord #1

Powers/Abilities: Hammerstein employs a number of inbuilt weapons, but the most noticeable is his right hand, which is a huge sledge hammer.

History: In 1999 the Volgons invaded the west. Following this initial invasion (see Bill Savage) the west fought back, with the United States introducing expendable robot soldiers to the battlefield, capable of fighting in any terrain and immune to the forces that would kill human troops: Atomic, Bacterialogical and Chemical warfare.

Problems beset the project at first: the Mark 1 robot could not distinguish civilians from soldiers, something that required moral judgement. The Mark 2 was thus programmed with moral values, only to declare itself a pacifist and try to convince its human counterparts to follow suit. So the Mark 3 was given artificial values and emotions: patriotism, believing the enemy is always evil, and that war is necessary to protect national interests.Nothing too deep, just enough to stop him slaughtering civilians. Not enough to question why he was fighting in the first place. The perfect soldier: and the prototype was called Hammerstein.

Soon the war was full of similar robots on both sides, and the humans retired from the field altogether. Just before the war ended, Hammerstein was given a new mission - he was to recruit a special squad of robots to undertake a top secret mission. Even though the war concluded before the squad was assembled, the mission remained valid. The ABC Warriors were to travel to the frontier, the planet Mars, and fight the many threats to the colonists there. Mars finally had law and justice, brought by the ABC Warriors: Spread the Word!

When the mission was completed the squad dispersed. Hammerstein was sold to Ro-Busters, a droid disaster squad, where he met Ro-Jaws, a sewer droid who would be come a long time friend. When the owner of Ro-Busters decided to destroy many of his robots for the insurance money, the two friends led the others marked for death in a break for freedom. And this was the last we heard of either one for a long time.

Centuries later Hammerstein had re-joined the army, and alongside other former ABC combat droids was working for the Terminators. Hammerstein and two companions, heavily reprogrammed, were sent on assassination mission to kill the queen of the Goth Empire, whom the humans were trying to exterminate. Thwarted by Nemesis, they were recruited by him to reassemble the ABC Warrior squad to work for the Warlock battling the forces of Torquemada.

Comments: Created by Pat Mills.

Hammer-Stein with the head he wore while working for Ro-Busters

Hammer-Stein during the Volg War

Hammer-Stein during his Ro-Busters phase


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