Real Name: Baron Maximilien von Klorr

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: Fighter pilot

Affiliations: His bats, the German air force

Enemies: Tim Wilson, the Allies, Rick Newland

Known Relatives: Unidentified grandfather

Aliases: Bat Master

Base of Operations: The Western Front, WW I.

First Appearance: Thunder #1 (I.P.C., 17th March 1970)

Powers/Abilities: As well as having the Kingbats at his disposal, von Klorr believes himself to be a descendant of the "Bat-People" and is able to telepathically communicate across vast distances (Britain to Germany) with others like him - such as his grandfather.

His Kingbats are large enough to easily lift aloft a full-grown man in their talons, and swift enough to outfly a bi-plane. Von Klorr is a skilled pilot, and flies a batwinged Fokker Triplane.

One of the Kingbats - note the men on the cliff to get a sense of scaleHistory: Baron Maximilien von Klorr was a German WW I flying ace who found an ancient potion which turned two bats into terrifying giants, his Kingbats. Using these giant killers he attacked Allied forces, becoming known as the Bat Master. He was opposed by Lieutenant Tim Wilson of the Royal Flying Corps.

Comments: Speaking of grandfathers, Tim Wilson appears to be the grandfather of Bill Wilson, the man who 50 years after World War One would battle the Demon Dwarf Doctor Gratz.

Thanks to E.Watts for correcting me as to where Black Max first appeared.

There are some stunning pieces of Black Max art on the Someone Old, Someone New blog that anyone interested in the character needs to see, most notably imo this one by Chris Weston and this one by Cliff Robertson. The Chris Weston one in particular would make a stunning cover to a collection of Black Max strips. Click on the links to see them in all their glory (and before anyone asks why I don't simply post the images here to view, they are private commissions, and I won't knowingly help myself to someone else's property...however tempting it might be in this case).

Rebellion bought the rights to Black Max, along with hundreds of other Fleetway characters, in 2016, and subsequently launched a series reprinting their adventures under the umbrella title The Treasury of British Comics. Black Max got a reprint volume, hopefully the first of many, in 2018, and also had a new story in the Scream and Misty Halloween Special in 2017.

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