Real Name: Buddy Sprang

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Inventor, adventurer

Affiliations: Vampire Bat, Justice Battalion

Enemies: Grave Robber, Player One, Jellyface, Meerkat, Network, Scrapper

Known Relatives: Elvira (daughter), Terry Sprang (brother)

Aliases: Jumpin' Bug, Mighty Bedbug

Base of Operations: Silicon City

First Appearance: Shooting Star Comics Anthology #1 (Shooting Star, 2001)

Powers/Abilities: Genius inventor, scientist and computer programmer. His Jumpin' Boots allow him to leap nearly a quarter mile, or kick hard enough to shatter stone and dent steal; they are biomorphically attuned to his nervous system and do not work for anyone else. His helmet includes a police scanner, cell phone and GPS. His gauntlets have built in Bug-Bite Blasters, which fire stunning electrical blasts, as well as gas-fired grapnels attached to flexi-steel cables. His ultilty belt holds various pellets, including both explosive and knock-out gas, as well as a flashlight. Vampire Bat has trained him in hand-to-hand combat, and has greater than average upper-body strength due to years of supporting himself on crutches.

History: When Buddy Sprang's spine was shattered in a childhood accident, it seemed his dreams of one day being a superhero would never be realised. His mobility restricted by leg braces and crutches, Buddy spent much of his time on the then-new internet, developing one of the first search engines, which he then sold for a fortune to the Cassandra Corporation. Now independetly wealthy, Buddy and his brother Terry devoted their time to new inventions, developing "Jumpin' Boots" which bypassed his damaged spine to stimulate his legs' nerves and muscles, not only restored Buddy's mobility, but also enabled him to leap nearly a quarter mile. Remembering his childhood dream, Buddy became a superhero, the Mighty Bedbug, convincing 1960s hero the Vampire Bat to train him.

Comments: Created by Scott Rogers. His Blogspot, with additional information about the character and his friends and foes, can be found here.

Bedbug is one of the participants in War of the Independents.

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