Real Name: Desmond Devance, 20th Earl of Batsowl

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Aristocrat, vigilante

Affiliations: Alec Allison

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: Earl Alwyn Devance (ancestor), Lady Rosalie Devance (daughter)

Aliases: Master of Batsowl

Base of Operations: Batsowl Abbey

First Appearance: Illustrated Chips (Amalgamated Press, 1918)

Powers/Abilities: Batsowl possesses a suit with large, bat-like wings that allow him to fly. In the centre of his close fitting cap is a huge diamond, behind which is an electric light.

History: Since the time of the evil Earl Alwyn Devance, the Devance family has known the secret of flying using specially designed winged cloaks. Sadly, the family has also carried a curse since that time too, inflicted on them by Abbot Anselm after Alwyn murdered a girl at the foot of Batsowl Abbey's altar. In 1910s, the 20th Earl, Desmond Devance, sought to right the wrongs his ancestors committed. By day he pretends to be a meek aristocrat, but at night he operates from a subterranean base beneath the Abbey, emerging wearing a costume with batlike wings to become the crimefighter Batsowl.

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