Real Name: Batfink

Identity/Class: Bat mutant

Occupation: Superhero

Affiliations: Karate

Enemies: Hugo a Go-Go, Fatman, Myron the Magician, Ebenezer The Freezer, The Sonic Boomer, Mr.Flick

Known Relatives: Unidentified mother

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Batfink

Powers/Abilities: As well as being superstrong and having a variety of gadgets at his disposal, Batfink's most memorable ability resided on his back. As he was extremely fond of reminding viewers, his "wings are like a shield of steel!", capable of deflecting bullets and other projectiles.

History: Born in an abandoned plutonium mine, Batfink was a mutant with human level intelligence and superhuman abilities. When he was a child criminals blew up the mine, and Batfink lost his wings rescuing his mother. Driven by this episode to fight crime, he replaced his wings with metal ones made by a Japanese blacksmith, then took the blacksmith's son as his sidekick Karate, and became a crimefighter, most frequently thwarting the evil machinations of mad scientist Hugo a Go Go.

Comments: There were 100 five minute long episodes of Batfink's adventures produced:

  1. Pink Pearl Of Persia

  2. The Short Circuit Case

  3. Skinny Minnie

  4. Fatman Strikes Again

  5. The Kitchy-Koo Kaper

  6. The Dirty Sinker

  7. Brother Goose

  8. The Chocolate Covered Diamond

  9. Myron The Magician

  10. Ebenezer The Freezer

  11. The Sonic Boomer

  12. Big Ears Ernie

  13. Batfink On The Rocks

  14. Manhole Manny

  15. The Mad Movie Maker

  16. Nuts Of The Round Table

  17. M P F T B R M

  18. Go Fly A Bat

  19. A Living Doll

  20. Brain Washday

  21. Spin The Batfink

  22. Crime College

  23. Ringading Brothers

  24. Goo-Goo A Go-Go

  25. Gluey Louie

  26. Gloves On The Go Go

  27. Out Out Darn Spot

  28. Sporty Morty

  29. Bat Patrol

  30. The Mark Of Zero

  31. Dig That Crazy Mountain

  32. Greasy Gus

  33. The Indian Taker

  34. Stupidman

  35. Jumping Jewelry

  36. Goldstinger

  37. Crimes In Rhymes

  38. Karate's Case

  39. The Beep Bopper

  40. Swami Salami

  41. Hugo For Mayor

  42. The Shady Shadow

  43. The Human Pretzel

  44. Roz The Schnozz

  45. Topsy Turvy

  46. The Wishbone Boner

  47. Bride And Doom

  48. The Kangarobot

  49. The Super Trap

  50. Beanstalk Jack

  51. Robber Hood

  52. Party Marty

  53. The Kooky Chameleon

  54. The Time Stopper

  55. The Devilish Device

  56. Gypsy James

  57. Queenie Bee

  58. Slow Down! Speed Up!

  59. Hugo's Hoke

  60. Backwards Box

  61. The Rotten Rainmaker

  62. Presto-Chango-Hugo

  63. Double Double Crossers

  64. Yo Yo A Go Go

  65. The Great Escapo

  66. Napoleon Blownapart

  67. Sandman Sam

  68. Daniel Boom

  69. Hugo The Crimefighter

  70. The Thief From Baghdad

  71. Unhappy Birthday

  72. Bouncey Bouncey Batfink

  73. Curly The Cannonball

  74. Watch My Smoke

  75. The Copycat Bat

  76. The Mean Green Midget

  77. The Atom Boom

  78. The Trojan Horse Thief

  79. Magneto The Magnificent

  80. Buster The Ruster

  81. Goldyunlocks And The Three Baers

  82. Cinderobber

  83. The Bomber Bird

  84. Blankenstein

  85. The Baffling Bluffs Of Hugo A Go-Go

  86. Hugo Here, Hugo There

  87. Fleiderfink

  88. The Zap Sap

  89. Old King Cruel

  90. Ego A-Go-Go

  91. Karate's Day Off

  92. Victor The Predictor

  93. Jerkules

  94. Mike The Mimic

  95. Whip Van Winkle

  96. Judy Jitsu

  97. Batfink - This Is Your Life

  98. Bowl Brummel

  99. Tough Macduff

  100. Father Time Bomb

Ralph Bakshi's Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures featured a tribute of sorts to Batfink, when they introduced a similar character, BatBat. The voice of Batfink was provided by Frank Buxton, and Karate was voiced by Len Maxwell.


Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Chauffeur, sidekick

Affiliations: Batfink

Enemies:  Hugo a Go-Go

Known Relatives: Unidentified father

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Batfink

Powers/Abilities: Extremely skilled martial artist, capable to destroying doors with a single karate chop.

History: The son of the blacksmith who made Batfink's metal wings, Karate is Batfink's close friend and ally.

Comments: Voiced by Len Maxwell.


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