Real Name: Baraka

Identity/Class: Demon

Occupation: Troubleshooter for hire

Affiliations: Soulsearchers

Enemies: Vaneer, Hermano

Known Relatives: Bridget Lockridge (wife)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mystic Grove, Connecticut

First Appearance: Soulsearchers and Company #1 (Claypool Comics, June 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Baraka's main ability is to create and control fire. He can even sculpt it into a variety of shapes (when asked if he can do anything he wants with flame his response was "Sadly, no. There are these annoying things called laws 'laws' that Bridget insists I follow").

He is also capable of magically transforming inanimate objects, as he did to create Bridget's battle pole. He can grow and shrink at will in order to live inside a bottle or similar receptacle, as is traditional for his kind.

History: Baraka is a fire demon from the Arabic Hells - "like a genie and those things". His lamp was sold by a mystic curio shop owner to Mr and Mrs. Thurston, two clients of Soulsearchers and Company. When Arnold Q. Stanley and Bridget Lockridge turned up to collect on unpaid bills, the Thurston's offered Baraka up as payment instead. After proving his worth by transforming a battle axe into a magic pole for Bridget, Arnold accepted him, not realising that Baraka's "master / slave stuff" wasn't transferable.

Since then he's been a happy employee of the company. He stays in a variety of different bottles, throwing each and getting another as the current one gets too messy. According to Bridget he usually engages in "nightly debauchery", meaning that he normally doesn't "stagger in (to work) until late afternoon". He and Bridget have a bit of a thing for one another, and recently married, but it's a stormy relationship.

Comments: Created by Peter David and Richard Howell.

What's the difference between Arab Hell and regular Western Hell? According to Baraka "The falafel is better and there are more 7-11s.", or perhaps it's that "We don't allow lawyers or politicians so it's a good deal less crowded."


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