Arnold Q. Stanley

Real Name: Arnold Q. Stanley

Identity/Class: Magically transformed human - now prairie dog

Occupation: Owner of Soulsearchers

Affiliations: Soulsearchers

Enemies: Vaneer, Hermano

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mystic Grove, Connecticut

First Appearance: Soulsearchers and Company #1 (Claypool Comics, June 1993)

Arnold with Bridget, before his transformationHistory: Arnold Q. Stanley was a huckster. He set up Soulsearchers and Company as a scam. When he received calls from people who believed their lives were plagued by ghosts and the like (and who were invariably mistaken) he would turn up, "investigate" the claim, and perform a fake exorcism.

At first the company floundered; it had a shaky reputation and Arnold ended up in the small claims court a lot. But then things started getting strange around Mystic Grove, and business picked up. Arnold hired Bridget Lockridge to be the figurehead of the company, as she was better looking than he was, and had been a media darling.

Arnold's personal life took a major downturn shortly after that when Soulsearchers was called into a genuine haunting case, involving the shade of a tenth century sorcerer who wasted no time in transforming Arnold into a prairie dog. Now he is stuck in this form, constantly bitching at everyone for ignoring his advice about running the company and for not turning him back into a human.

Powers/Abilities: None. Arnold is permanently stuck in the form of a (talking) prairie dog, so that doesn't really count as a power.

Comments: Created by Peter David and Richard Howell.


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