Aztec Ace

Real Name: Caza

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Scientist

Affiliations: Bridget Kronopoulous (girlfriend), Tempus Fugit (aka Head), Shakreen

Enemies: Nine-Crocodile and the Ebonati

Known Relatives: Unnamed son (unconfirmed - Shakreen's baby, may be Aztec or Nine-Crocodile's child)

Aliases: Ace, the Ace, Acey-Deuce

Base of Operations: Montezuma Conterminous, Tenochtitlan, circa 1518, but active throughout time and space in the Azure Crosstime Express (ACE).

First Appearance: Aztec Ace #1 (Eclipse Comics)

Powers/Abilities: Ace pilots the Azure Crosstime Express (ACE), nicknamed the Egg because of its form, a ship for sailing the Golden Meld (the dimension from which Ace can reach any place, any time). The ACE is "famous" for its Anachrony Den (where Ace listens music from his jukebox, rests and stores objects from all eras), the Chronomech chamber (full of clockworks) and the Infinity Closet (wardrobe for all eras)

History: A refugee from the 23rd century, Aztec Ace is a dimension-hopping hero trying to save time itself from Nine Crocodile's attempts to disrupt history and generate paradoxes, assisted by his 1940's girlfriend Bridget.

Comments: Created by Doug Meonch and Eclipse Comics.

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