Real Name: Unknown - may actually be Nine-Crocodile

Identity/Class: Human, technology user

Occupation: Scientist/ Military Leader

Affiliations: The Ebonati, Misery

Enemies: Caza (a.k.a. Aztec Ace), eventually Shakreen

Known Relatives: Shakreen (wife), unnamed son (unconfirmed)

Aliases: Krok

Base of Operations: The Liquid Core of 5-Worlds

First Appearance: Aztec Ace #2 (Eclipse)

Powers/Abilities: Has access to time-travel technology and fights well with a darkrod.

History: Nine Crocodile is from another timestream that is slowly collapsing. By unravelling our timestream he hopes to save his own. He and his Ebonati have set up a base in the liquid core of 5-Worlds, a world representative of all time in our own. From there he sends agents to create paradox, playing hell with our time. Caza discovered his plot in the 23rd century, and managed to escape with his prototype time machine before his lab was destroyed, and now travels time preventing or undoing Krok's work.

Comments: Krok cannot breathe for long without his mask because of an injury Caza gave him in the past.

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