Doc Brass

Real Name: Axel Brass

Identity/Class: Human mutant (specifically designated a "century baby")

Occupation: Explorer, adventurer, doctor of multiple disciplines

Affiliations: Planetary

Enemies: The Four

Known Relatives: Unnamed father/uncle, unnamed mother/aunt

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Planetary Headquarters; formerly the 30s' conspiracy's Adirondack Base

First Appearance: Planetary #1

Powers/Abilities: Doc Brass has virtually complete control over his own body. His strength, intellect and endurance are all superhuman, though his legs have been crushed, leaving him unable to walk. He ages very slowly, if at all. He can close wounds with his mind and has learned to function without food or sleep, spending more than fifty years guarding the dimensional interface / snowflake without any breaks. Brass' list of mastered disciplines is immense.

History: During the time of Robspierre an eclectic group of intellectuals in France gathered together with the goal of creating a perfect human. They created new dietary systems, exercise regimens, and methods of education which they then tested on their children whom they later had breed with one another. This process carried on for generations, each new set of children being smarter, stronger, and stranger than the last until finally only a brother and a sister were left. From their incestuous union came Doctor Axel Brass, who by no small coincidence was born on January 1, 1900. Though much of Brass' history is a mystery his role as a century baby has brought him into contact with nearly every person of note in the 20th century, not the least of which are John Carter, Jenny Sparks, and the most notable adventurers of the 1930s.

After having lived a prolific life a middle-aged Axel (who by this time had discovered his many powers) sought to improve the world he had come to love; to do so he gathered the best of the best on earth and formed the second superhuman conspiracy (whose roster included Hark, Kevin Blackstock, Edison, a CIA operative only known as Jimmy, a costumed millionaire obviously inspired by the Shadow, and the Aviator). At first the Conspiracy operated similarly to other superhuman teams, preventing world disasters and fighting crime on various levels, but soon they started to see the threats they dealt with as only the results of greater problems. The three greatest minds of the conspiracy: Brass, Hark (the Planetary universe's equivalent of Fu Manchu), and Edison began researching a way to create a finer, everlasting world. Through their pooled research the conspiracy discovered the true nature of the universe; that it is only one of 196,833 universes aligned in an array that looks like a snowflake. With the best intentions the conspiracy tried to use the so-called snowflake to recode their own world; they would enter the variables and maths that made up their flawed world and let the snowflake array calculate solutions to all of the problems their maths conveyed, in the process redescribing their world into its ideal self. Unfortunately something about their maths was off, and by entering it into the array they destabilized the multiverse itself, killing thousands of universes and rattling the entire system to its core. As the snowflake spun out of control it apparently opened, or was opened, and the heroes from one of the dying universes attempted to invade Brass' to save the population of their planet. Pitted against the conspiracy the heroes took as many lives as they lost, and in the end only Brass was left. The year was 1945.

The snowflake stablized once again, and apparently resumed its old cycling method. Though crippled and grievously injured by the battle Brass was forced to stay awake to defend the snowflake array, which could not be turned off. Brass was discovered some half a century later by Planetary, who took up guarding the old Adirondack compound of the conspiracy in his stead. Axel Brass is still in the care of Planetary and occasionally provides new insight into problems for Elijah Snow.

Comments: Created by Warren Ellis, Axel Brass is the Planetary universe equivalent of Doc Savage.

Profile provided by "Cadmus".


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