Arizona Kid

Real Name: David "Davy" Laramee

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Captain in the Texas Rangers

Affiliations: Arrow (his horse), Captain Cliff Macklin (sidekick)

Enemies: Black Hawk

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Texas, c.1830s

First Appearance: The Arizona Kid #1 (Atlas Comics, March 1951)

Powers/Abilities: Skilled knife fighter, able to draw and throw a knife faster than most men can draw a gun. Excellent aim with same. Also an excellent shot with both bow and guns. Speaks several native languages, able to send smoke signals, excellent hunter.

History: (The Arizona Kid #1-6, Wild Western #21, 23, Texas Kid #9, ga) Davy Laramee claimed that he spent most of his life from the age of twelve as a frontier scout, gaining quite a reputation under the name "the Arizona Kid". Around the age of seventeen, he heard of the Texas Rangers and decided to join up. He picked up the tracks of Texas Rangers Captain Cliff Macklin, and trailed him for several days, eventually catching up to him just as Macklin was ambushed by several outlaws he had been pursuing. Macklin would have died, had it not been for Davy, who slew three assailants with a bullet apiece through their hearts. The boy introduced himself to the Ranger, and explained his desire to join up; though his age was against him, his actions convinced Macklin to put in a word for Davy. Macklin's superior, Major Cullen, was less sure, but decided to allow Davy to become a scout rather than a full-fledged ranger, at least until he was a little older. Assigned to work alongside Macklin, the Arizona Kid proved to be an asset to the force, and his even-handedness gained him the respect of the local Apache and the love of Macklin's daughter, Nan.

Comments: Thanks to Jess Nevins for allowing me to use information from his excellent Golden Age Heroes Directory and his Guide to Golden Age Marvel Characters. Thanks also to Richard Boucher & Darrin Wiltshire @ PR-Publications for permission to use information from their equally brilliant collection of Golden Age Sites, PR Publications. Their knowledge of Golden Age characters far outstrips my own.


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