Real Name: Bob Shane

Identity/Class: Human transformed by magic

Occupation: Cargo ship skipper

Affiliations: Neptunius the Hermit, Shellback

Enemies: Admiral Nemesis

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The Atlantic and Caribbean.

First Appearance: Pow Annual 1971

Powers/Abilities: When Bob says the name Aquavenger, he is transformed in a thunderclap into his heroic alter-ego. In this form he does not need to breathe and can swim faster than the fastest ship. He can call on dolphins for help (its not clear whether he speaks their language or if he actually controls them - he cannot control sharks or squid, so the former seems more likely). He also has some level of superhuman strength (his legs are powerful enough to allow him to make gigantic leaps when out of water). It may be that his power fades with time as two of Nemesis' men have no trouble holding him captive until he says his name a second time.

History: Bob Shane was the skipper and half the crew of the coastal cargo vessel Crab, operating in the waters off New England. Years ago the Crab was driven by a storm down to some remote islands in the Caribbean. During the storm Bob spotted a man clinging to some wreckage in the water, and brought him aboard. The man turned out to be Neptunius the Hermit, "a recluse possessed of ageless powers...or mystic skills". The greatful Neptunius "adopted" Bob, granting him great powers when ever he said the name "Aquavenger". Now whenever Bob Shane encounters evil, he transforms into the heroic scourge of the seas.

(Aquavenger, Pow Annual 1972.) Bob Shane is sailing his fishing vessel off the New England seaboard when it is boarded by frogmen who warn him and his shipmate, "the salty old buddy called Shellback", to leave the area. Once they are gone, Bob transforms into Aquavenger and follows them back to their base, which turns out to be the submarine Black Ray, "the Dark Ship of Admiral Nemesis himself". Spotted by more frogmen, Aquavenger is captured and taken aboard the sinister vessel, where Nemesis has him thrown into a tank containing a giant squid. By calling out his name a second time, Aquavenger renews his power and breaks free of the monster. He then threatens to flood the submarine and release Nemesis trained sharks amongst the crew. Nemesis and his men surrender.


Shellback (left) and Bob Shane (right)

Comments: Thanks to Chris Adams, who informed me of the existence of this character and gave me my initial information about him.

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