Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Human mutate


Affiliations: Stormwatch, the Authority, Kev Hawkins

Enemies: Henry Bendix; formerly Kev Hawkins

Known Relatives:


Base of Operations: The Carrier

First Appearance: Stormwatch II #4 (Wildstorm, February 1998)

Powers/Abilities: Apollo is solar powered - when fully charged he is superhumanly strong, can fly at supersonic speeds, and can discharge blasts of concentrated heat and light.

Apollo can survive in space unaided, and is inhumanly resistant to damage. His invulnerability is at least partially dependent on the level of his solar "charge", and can be depleted through overuse.

History: Apollo was another product of Henry Bendix's laboratories, a designer built superhero, part of his Stormwatch "Academy" program intended to provide Bendix with his own tame Stormwatch team. Built to be a soldier in Bendix's secret little wars, he was one of two survivors of a mission that went wrong, and along with his friend and lover, the Midnighter, he escaped. The two lived on the streets for several years, both of them honing their abilities. Eventually the two were drawn out of hiding by their desire to do good and battle injustice. Rescued from a trap set by their old master by Jenny Sparks, the eventually joined the Authority.

Comments: Created by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch.

Additional information on Apollo provided by Chris "Doc TOC" Halliday.


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