Aliases of the Doctor

A common confusion that arises is that because the title of the TV show is "Doctor Who" that this is also the name of the lead character; this isn't the case. The name he uses is the Doctor, and the title of the show was chosen to reflect the mystery which originally existed as to the origins of the lead character. It should be noted that while the Doctor himself never uses the alias "Doctor Who", it has very occasionally been applied to him by others. The Doctor himself seems to be aware of the confusion his lack of a surname can cause, and has been known to answer the query "Doctor? Doctor who?" with a firm "Yes." He also once signed his name as Doctor W., and once employed the alias Doctor von Wer (which is German for Who).

The Doctor's Aliases - Where he got them, and when they are used:

The Doctor, Doctor John Smith, Merlin, Muldwych, the Ripper, the Sandman, Theta Sigma, the Valeyard;

(applied to him by others) the Dark One, Doctor Who, Eighth Man Bound, the Evergreen Man, the Evil One, He Whose Name Dare Not Be Mentioned, the Ka Faraq Gatri, the Other, the Saviour, Snail, Thete, Time's Champion, Wormhole;

(mistaken for, and didn't bother correcting) the Abbot of Amboise, Commander John Ballard, Doc Holliday, the Examiner, Maximillian Petullian, Meglos, Salamander, Sir Reginald Styles, Zeus;

(occasional / once off) Doctor Caligari, Doctor Galloway, Doctor Johann Schmidt, Doctor Jon Smythe, Doctor von Wer, the Great Wizard Qui Quae Quod, James Alistair Bowman, Mr Pendragon

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